Welcome to Jeremy Zanni, Les Petites Douceurs. Galway

Jeremy describes himself as a part-time, semi-commercial baker. His main product is part-baked baguettes that people or restaurants can freeze and finish baking on demand.. The dough simply is Flour, Water, Salt and yeast (10gr yeast per kg of flour).

He bulk ferments it overnight (cold as the bakery is on stilts so cold air comes up) for a minimum of 7hrs, then divide, shape, proof and bake in the morning. The only mechanical aid he uses is a 30lt mixer.

Using the same overnight baguette dough, he also prepare a homemade tomato sauce, rolled in with cheese which makes a tasty treat.

And again based on the same baguette recipe, he bulk ferments but for 48hrs this time, shapes as a round or rectangular miche (no bannetons involved) in the evening, proofs overnight and bakes first thing in the morning. It makes it a completly different bread, not unlike sourdough.

On the cakes and pastries side he makes brioche, plain pain viennois’ish, brioche suisse (also known as pepito), creme patissiere with raisins to make his version of escargots and cinnamon brioche.

You can find him:


He is stocked in 37West Cafe, Martine’s Restaurant and direct to order and the occasional market.

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