Our first member of 2016 – Ali Honour in Cork

Here in Real Bread Ireland HQ (its more of a concept than an actual place 🙂 we are working away to prepare for our quarterly members gathering next weekend which is being hosted by Robert and Bill Mosse in Kells Wholemeal.

This quarterly gatherings are important both for the cohesion of the network (digital can never take the place of meeting people!) and also for the discussions and planning for what individual members are doing within the network.

Interrupting all of that to welcome Ali. She set up her own place late last year in Cork and she is one of a growing number of proud cafe and restaurant owners who are baking real bread on premises to compliment their menu’s.

And you can buy her breads on premise too. She is at 14 Rory Gallagher pl,Paul St.

From Ali “I bake a slow prove yeast (Poolish) using flour, water, salt, yeast + time! We then make a variety of other breads such as brioche and then savoury breads too”

Her Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/Alis-Kitchen-907133342715559

Her Website  http://www.aliskitchencork.com

Her Twitter  https://twitter.com/aliskitchencork

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