Knead and Prove, Bangor, NI

Rachael Kirk used to manage the Frothy Whisk which was a real bread bakery and member of RBI that closed earlier in 2019.

She has now set up her own bakery called Knead and Prove. From Rachael:

We make Sourdoughs in the small seaside village of Bangor. All our breads are made using only flour water and salt.

Sometimes we add a few special ingredients and we have a range of flavours to give our sourdough that something extra, like a little bit of mature cheddar and jalapeño or some local Dulse!

We try to keep it local to support other small businesses too🙂
Our process is at least a two day labor of love with freshly baked,real bread Is the result.. 

You can get her breads here: We supply local restaurants, cafes an guest houses but there are a few places you can buy a fresh loaf:

Crawfordsburn Garage

The Drawing Room, Grays Hill

Collection from Balloo Avenue (please order two days in advance 🙂 ) 

She is on Facebook

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