Loveworks Bakery

Bakery – we bake bread…. but not just any bread. Our bread is handcrafted from start to finish, and we don’t cut any corners. We use organic ingredients, and the dough ferments overnight using our home-grown sourdough starter, which makes a range of highly nutritious and delicious wheat and rye loaves. Our bakery is community-supported in that we have a weekly demand from residents of North Belfast who make a commitment to subscribe. We also sell our loaves at Ballylagan Organic Farm in Straid, Ballyclare, as well as to a range of other groups.

The bakery is part of the Love Works Cooperative which exists as a worker-owned enterprise for its members who have gained skills and experience in gardening, bike repair, and baking, and want to use their skills to support their needs while providing a useful service to the wider community.

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