River Run Ferments, Wicklow

Terri Ann Fox runs baking courses in Glencree, Co Wicklow. In her words:

We host sourdough bread baking workshops at River Run in Glencree, County Wicklow. Details of upcoming workshops can be found @riverrunferments on Instragram or by emailing fox.river.run.homestead@gmail.com.

From one of her recent Instagram posts:

We’re hosting another Introduction to Sourdough Workshop in our kitchen at River Run. There are lots workshops available I know, taught by highly skilled and accredited bakers. I’m not a professionally trained baker, microbiologist or nutritionist.

I am a women with a passion for all things fermented, and a commitment to feeding my family the most nutritious minimally processed homemade foods. I share simple methods I use in my everyday life. The aim of these workshops is to inspire us to support our local food systems, revive traditional methods, and move a little further way from the industrial homogeneous experience. 
We also have a ton of fun and get excited about something we all love, “BREAD”! This Class is suitable for all skill levels. So don’t worry if you’ve never baked bread in your life. All are welcome!! Workshop Price €95

Price includes:
• A light vegetarian lunch including homemade soup, fresh baked sourdough breads, Irish cheeses and an array of other fermented food and drinks • A printed copy of the recipe and processes outlined in the workshop
• A portion of our vigorous starter culture to take home
What you’ll learn:
• How to maintain your starter culture • The techniques and processes used to achieve a delicious loaf
• How to incorporate sourdough baking in to your schedule 
What you should bring:
• An apron
• Two tea towels and two 800 gram bowls or slightly larger (or two proofing baskets)
You’ll be taking your shaped loaves to proof and bake at home
Special equipment:
• A cast iron casserole dish with a lid also known as a Dutch oven in North America. Don’t worry, you won’t need to bring it to the workshop but it will be essential for baking your sourdough at home
Note: All ingredients are organic/fairtrade or wild

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