TeoZan Food, Athlone

Matteo Zanardo is an Italian baker and makes small quantities of bread for customers in Athlone including Lowe and Co, a retail member of ours.

From Matteo: I am an Italian baker, in Italy real bread is very present in our culinary culture.
I moved with my family three years ago to Ireland, and for some time I feel the need to share our tradition with the people of this magnificent country. For now they are at the beginning and I produce small quantities and I try to satisfy the various requests of my clients, transferring their tastes in the real bread they bake for them.

All products are real bread, made with 100% hydrated yeast, born 6 years ago when I was still in Italy. In my sourdough bread I use mainly Irish ingredients, from organic farming or breeding.

The leavening in my bread is very important, it can not be strained but at most controlled with the temperature, in any case the real bread is a living thing and like all living things it must have its time to grow. In this way, the real bread is more fragrant and digestible.

Our bread can be ordered through my contact instagram and facebook, or on some days you can find it at Lowe & Co., 8 O’Connell St., Athlone, a member of Real Bread Ireland.

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