Truefood Academy

Collette McMahon and Joe McMahon are the owners here.

In Collette’s words:

We run workshops and a Nutrition for Life 5 weekend course.

One module of the course we cover is real bread baking the basics and following the guidlines of Andrew Whitley. Joe and I both attended his baking for community course in the Uk 2011 and 2012. 😊

Sourdough September 2018

From Colette:

I will post it anywhere in Ireland Just send me a self addessed envalope with a €5 stamp on it. Anyone buying my bread who wants some starter can leave a message at the shop and I will leave them some starter with directions in the following weeks order.

I give also it away to everyone on our courses and talks. NUTRITION4LIFE five weekend course starts september15th. for more details. This couse is 25% grant supported by NOTS. National Organic Training Skillnet. I will also do a few local free introducton to sourdough talk/ demo/ taste events. I will share dates and venue etc on facebook, twitter etc

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