Can I join or participate in Real Bread Ireland?

We welcome with open arms the participation of consumers, domestic bakers and our peers in the field of commercial craft baking and all other likeminded fans of Real Bread.

We are especially keen to welcome professional craft bakers willing to share knowledge and educate their peers as well as home bakers.

Professional Bakers

If you are a baker and want to be listed on our Real Bread Ireland map and featured on our website, we ask that you have at least one loaf in your range that falls within the real bread definition.

We also ask that you are transparent in your ingredients listings for all your breads. If this sounds like you, then just use this Google form to send us your details.

Once we receive the information, we hope to have you up and listed as soon as possible. We will do a blog post for each new baker added to the network and also put you on our Google Map.

Consumers and Home Bakers

If you are a consumer please seek out and buy good local bread. As we add network members, this site will become an excellent resource for details of where to obtain Real Bread.

Sign up to a baking course with one of our members who offer a variety of skills and levels.




  1. Hi guys, hope all is going well with the movement. Having attended Joe’s talk in Galway yesterday there certainly seems to be a buzz around real bread at the moment. It’s good to see the number of professional members growing, but surely there is an opportunity here for amateurs to network and share knowledge and experience. Is it possible we could maybe use as a forum or blog-hosting site for all Irish bakers, rather than just the pros? While twitter and facebook do allow us to connect, they obviously have their restrictions.


    1. Hi Stuart, hope you enjoyed Joe 🙂

      Yes agree with you on the possible benefits of a forum and we have a forum service identified and set up that would be linked from here but separate. Definitely FB and Twitter not the best places to run discussions.

      Are you interested in helping to activate and promote the forum into the wider non-pro bakery network? Because if you are then I will happily include the link here and promote out?



    2. hiya Stuart

      I have included a link to a basic forum in the sidebar of the site. Be good to have a quick call with you this week to discuss moderation etc and then you can start to promote and get it going 🙂



    3. hi,
      i’m a french baker and i’m looking for a job. I am graduated in france in bakery and pastry and i have 5 years professional experience. i am in dublin
      if you know someone interested in having a French in his team tell me so on


  2. Hi !! I’m a french bread baker and i’m looking for a job. I am graduated in France in Bakery and have 4 years professional experience. I’m still in France but we will move to Ireland from June or July.

    if you know someone interested in having a great French in his team tell me so on


  3. Tried to get real bread making off the ground as a side shoot of my pizza business in 2010 people didn’t take to it then I was using all organic flour and enlisted a friend who was a second generation English Baker to make real 🍞.


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