Who is behind Real Bread Ireland?

We are a network of craft bakers initially brought together in an entirely voluntary capacity by a shared belief in the Real Bread ethos, a desire to promote Real Bread, educate the consumer and fellow bakers, and improve the quality of bread being produced and consumed within the Island of Ireland.

Getting Started

The bakers who attended the first meeting to begin the process of establishing Real Bread Ireland are Patrick Ryan ( Firehouse Bakery) Joe Fitzmaurice (Riot Rye) Declan Ryan (Arbutus Bakery) Kemal Scarpello (Slow Food Co) Thibault Peigne (Tartine) and Josephine Plettenburg (Spelt Bakers).

Keith Bohanna helped to assemble this initial group as a supporter of the network. Joe McNamee was a supporting co-founder who lurked in the background as an observer and scribe.


Real Bread Ireland is not an elite or exclusive club but rather a group of like-minded individuals who have come together voluntarily to align ourselves under a single flag, to promote good baking and real bread.

For us, the cause will always be greater than any individual or group of individuals and we are very keen to add fellow craft bakers to our number as soon as possible to contribute to the process of promotion and education.

Long Term Aim

The long term aim of Real bread Ireland is to develop a membership-based network of bakers who work within the parameters of the real bread ethos along with an affiliated membership for ‘supporters’. Right now education and raising awareness and a total commitment to a policy of complete transparency are our primary objectives.


  1. Where can I get the starter/container referred to today’s Irish Times article? I live in Bishopston Cork. I bake traditonal soda bread and would love to try sourdough.
    Thank you
    John Murphy


  2. Hi i was looking for where to get the starter in Dublin and found this on the website. Hope it helps.

    Stuffed Olive, Bantry
    We will have our starter available every Wednesday to be collected at The Stuffed Olive together with a recipe.

    Ali’s Kitchen, Cork
    Message Ali on their Facebook Page and collect the following day

    The Natural Foods Bakery, Cork
    Our sourdough starter will be available in the Pierhead, Blackrock, Cork branch of The Natural Foods Bakery for the month of September. Our opening hours (in Blackrock) are 8-6 Monday to Friday, 9-4 Saturday and 10-4 Sunday.


  3. Dear Real Bread Bakers,

    Have any of you tried baking Biodynamic Bread by Rudolf Steiner.
    It uses salt and honey as the leavening!

    It requires Biodynamic wheat to succeed.

    I’m in US, LA.




    1. Hiya Fiona, if you contact any of the members on the full member list they will generally all give you starter. September is just a special way of bringing attention to this 🙂 Keith


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