Real Bread Ireland


What is Real Bread Ireland?

Real Bread Ireland is a support network of real bread bakers and others whose aim is to support Ireland’s real bread bakers and to make it easier for consumers to find those bakers.

If you sell bread (no matter on what scale, we have many micro-bakeries in our membership) please do consider joining.

Want to find your local real bread baker? Click here

If you are a real bread baker and want to join us (its free!) click here.


What is Real Bread?

Real bread, in its purest form, is bread made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additive. Real Bread is simply flour, water and fermentation (either by adding yeast or using natural fermentation) and sometimes salt is added. Other natural additions include nuts, seeds, herbs, butter, egg or milk.

Real bread is bread made without flour improvers, dough conditioners, preservatives, chemical leavening (baking powder, Bi-carbonate of soda), any other artificial additive or the use of pre-mixed ingredients.

Informed Choice

As bakers and consumers, we deserve to know what it is we are eating. We would like to see a system of transparency established (including a listing of ALL ingredients) so we can all be aware of what is in our daily bread.

We don’t tell anyone what to eat or not to eat; we would simply like everyone to have the opportunity to make a fully informed choice when it comes to eating their daily bread.

Though we always try to operate with integrity and maintain the highest standards expected of a craft baker, not all breads made by members of Real Bread Ireland match our definition of Real Bread.

Good Bread and Real Bread

For example, we all recognise that soda bread is a hugely popular part of our culinary tradition but we do not include it under the real bread definition due to the use of chemical leavening, bicarbonate of soda or bread soda.

If you wish to avoid breads that differ in any way from our definition of Real Bread, we are very happy to offer you those in our range that fit the criteria and help you begin a journey of discovery.

That begins with baking at home, which the network and many members promote and teach, and if baking at home means beginning with brown bread leavened with bread soda, well and good.

We were, and continue to be, inspired by Andrew Whitley, Chris and their Real Bread campaign in the UK and we work with them whenever we can.


        Come and join us on Wednesday 18th September ’19 at 2.00pm for an afternoon demonstration on sourdough and tastings.
        Learn how to make your very own natural starter and sourdough loaf at Ballymaloe Cookery School

        Recipes and free sourdough starters to take home.
        Booking is essential, for further details and to book, call 021 4646785.


  1. Hello . This is the first time I am writing to Real Bread but I am a bread weevil . I eat bread with everything and I used to bake my own until I lost my electricity however I am busy constructing a wood burning oven in my garden to continue baking bread . I can testify to the adulteration of the various flours and dough mixes here – nothing but chemicals all of which affect me . It bothers me so much that as a medical doctor , prematurely retired through a head injury at a robbery at the practice , poor people who need to consume less chemicals dont due to the commercial products they eat . Where I live is surrounded by squatter camps google it at 140 Chiltern Drive Clare Estate Durban RSA . So I want to build a craft bakery to teach people to bake their own bread on an open wood fire which a lot of the population use in the informal settlements and am seeking funding for the project . Are there any bakers out there who are prepared to assist me when I get started with advice and problem shooting so that I dont make a real pigs ear of things ? my email address is and pls feel free to contact me through email . i will supply my phone number on emailed request or I will get some 419 scammers calling me which defeats the purpose of this email . Thanking you in anticipation and whish a good and pleasant day . Yours sincerely Bridgette Devin


  2. Can anyone give me a recipe for bread looking like the white bread in the above pictures, I.e. bread that my teenage boys are likely to eat. I make my own whole meal brown bread which they won’t touch, opting for supermarket sliced ‘bread’ instead for sandwiches etc. any help? Thanks Emm


  3. Are you able to source older varieties of wheat so you are not dealing with gluten manipulated flour? If yes, any brands that you recommend?


  4. hello everyone
    I really appreciate the movement of Real Bread in Ireland and it is important to promote what is real bread with a transparency to customer.

    However it is very disappointing to see in the list of members some bakeries using improvers, dough conditioners and colorant in their breads.
    I’m not mentioning names but I’m sure they will know who they are when they read this.



  5. Hello everyone,

    Having had another slight upset with my sourdough bake I started to browse the web for some information and I am thrilled to have just found this web site 🙂

    May I join your gang!

    I am a Home Baker. While having no problem (according to myself!) with standard yeast bread I am finding Sour-dough baking a little trying. My main problem is that 11 letter word -consistency-. Sometimes I can bake an acceptable loaf and other times it almost leads to a course of Prozac 🙂

    I would sincerely appreciate any help you can offer especially with my Starter. It appears to be alive with lots of bubbles but the desired result for a proper bake eludes me at times.



  6. In Holland it was a big thing not to eat Bread,” because it was said to be bad for nearly everything!” I think the stupid idea is now a bit less “in” at the moment. It but it was quite a serious problem for the bakeries. I do love special Breads and it’s so nice to have a revival of good Baking Methodes!🌹


  7. I’ve been taking bread making classes here in California and the instructor uses the same methods I’ve seen in your videos. I’m just learning and studying and I love making bread.. I want to learn all I can and keep perfecting this craft.. I know I’m in another country but would love to join your group and learn more. It’s my hope to travel to visit Ireland sometime soon.. I hope you can give me insight and to join and learn from your group of professionals. I look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless


  8. Hi I am inspired by what you are doing in Ireland I manufacture energy saving charcoal ovens suitable for micro bakeries in Kenya.

    In Kenya getting real bread is rare to many people,this campaign could be a huge success here.


  9. Hi, trying to source Fench flour type T180 in Ireland. Do you know where I could get it? It’s for bread baking, mainly sourdough. Thank you!


  10. Hi
    My name is Ziona, I am new in Ireland, I am an experienced real sourdough bread baker and would like to set up a microbakery in Cork.
    How do I start with this? Whom should I talk to regarding this?




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