Can I join Real Bread Ireland?

Professional Bakers & others in relevant trades

Anyone who has a commercial business as a baker (this can anything from part time as a micro baker through to employing others too) is very welcome to join as long as at least one loaf in your range that falls within the real bread definition.

Also if you are a real bread baker employed by someone else please do join us.

If you are a restaurant, cafe or in food service and baking real breads we will have you. If you supply real bread bakers – a mill, grower of grains or supplier of equipment etc you are also welcome.

Finally if you teach real bread baking courses you are also very welcome.

If you are a baker we also ask that you are transparent in your ingredients listings for all your breads. If this sounds like you, then just use this Google form to send us your details.

Once we receive the information, we hope to have you up and listed as soon as possible.

Consumers and Home Bakers

If you are a consumer please seek out and buy good local bread. As we add network members, this site will become an excellent resource for details of where to obtain Real Bread.

Wherever you are in the world and whether you’re a baker or not, the UK charity behind the Real Bread Campaign would welcome your support.

Sign up to a baking course with one of our members who offer a variety of skills and levels.