Small scale bakers and flour suppliers

From Les Petites Douceurs, a bakers of Artisan french baguettes and viennoiseries in the West of Ireland, came a query on Twitter:

“@RealBreadIRL Hi guys, any chance of getting a list of flour suppliers you are using ? Thanks.”

So how about it, if you can share your supplier in the comments on this post that would be great. This kind of sharing and learning each other is core to what this network is all about 🙂

UPDATES – with Suppliers as they are left here or in Twitter responses:

Matildas Bakery, Monaghan: “use Cloverhill for t65/t45 & Dunany in Louth for all spelt, Rye, wholemeal (irish/organic); Kells 4 quinoa & rice.

Arbutus Bread, Cork: “We use Label Rouge T65/45 @ForicherMoulins available from Cloverhill

Riot Rye, Tipperary: “all organic flour from Shipton Mill in the UK. I get a full mixed pallet ex-mill. Redmond distribute it in Ireland.

Screenshot 2015-01-29 19.16.04

/ Keith

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  1. Baking is for me a great pastime but I screen every time I attempt to bake scones

    When I go to my local bakery I’m presented with a big scone, enough to ward off the hunger pains until the next mealtime

    When I bake my own scones I end up with something you’d possibly see at a posh garden party. It’s enough to make a growen man cry!

    Please have you a recipe for the type of scone you’d find in our local bakeries



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