Galway and Cork this week for our new members

The Natural Foods Bakery

This bakery has 3 locations in Cork and on their bread:

“All of our bread is real bread. We only use flour, water, fresh yeast (fed on malt extract), salt and sourdough. We make a variety of loaves and pittas: White, Granary, Spelt, Spelt + Rye Sourdough, Herb + Seed. We bake seven days a week. Our real bread can be bought in loaves, we use our bread to make all of our sandwiches in our cafes.”

Their Facebook Page


Aniar Restaurant, Galway

This is owned and run by Jp McMahon (who is the founder of Food On The Edge). They bake a variety of breads, including a number of real breads, to use on their menu. Sadly I cannot find a photo of one of their breads so JP is all we can show you for the moment!

Their real breads include

  • Traditional sourdough
  • Foccacia
  • Rye and buttermilk

Their Facebook Page

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