We are joined by (more) restaurants in Galway and a Pizza Maker in Wicklow

37 West, 56 Central, Galway

Our member Jeremy Zanni of Les Petites Douceurs has a close working relationship with Gill Carroll, owner of 37 West and 56 Central in Galway.

So its Baguettes from les Petit Douchers that will greet you on their menu. They have also hosted Jeremy for a number of special events including his demo and film for Real Bread Week.


David McFadden, Doughkitchen, Wicklow

How great is this, can only imagine how good his pizzas are 🙂

I produce a sourdough pizza base. It’s from a organic wholemeal starter. (Shiptonmill organic). I add this to my preferment that has been feed and risen for 12hrs. The preferment (once combined with the stater) then will rise for another 12hrs. This is then combined with my 00 flour to make pizza dough.

You can catch them weekly at the following market locations


His Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/doughkitchenireland

And his website is www.doughkitchen.ie

Welcome both!


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