Clare Island Oven, Co Mayo

Niall and Alice are baking for a couple of years on Clare Island. In their words

For the last two years we have learnt how to make sourdough breads from scratch and have been selling it on a weekly basis to islanders. The two days process starts by feeding our starter made from flour and water, containing natural yeast. After about 4hours of breathing/growth we then mix it with more flour and water, by hand, creating a lovely dough. We knead it for about 10-15minutes and will then let it rise for at least 4hours.

Once bubbles appear and the dough has increased in size, we shape it into balls and let it rise again overnight in bannetons. The beautiful but long process will then create delicious breads that we bake in the morning for about 30-40minutes at 240C in our conventional oven. The key is to have it very steamy inside at first, so the breads can rise into the oven in the first 15minutes until it creates the lovely crust at the top. 

We sell our breads on preorder at our food container located near the quay of Clare island. In the summertime, we also use those breads as base for our sandwiches, freshly made everyday and with different fillings available throughout the summer!

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