Ryes & Shine, Cork

This microbakery was started by Angela Nöthlings in July 2021 and this is her story:

Being German, I grew up with good bread, real bread – and plenty of variety from local bakeries. My mother Therese regularly baked sourdough bread with flour from a local mill. I took this for granted until I moved from Germany to Ireland in 1997. I missed good bread, especially rye bread, so I started making my own sourdough. I am entirely self taught and continue to have a special love for German style rye breads, and other healthy breads and baked treats. 

In July I came across the Sourdough Podcast by Mike Hilburn, in which I first heard these two magic words: Microbakery and ROFCO. That was it. I was intrigued, inspired, motivated, and determined. The next day, thanks to social media, I got more inspiration from a YouTube video by Lily‘s Loaves, a microbakery in London. That week I started to sell my loaves to colleagues and friends and my business has continuously grown from there.

At the beginning, I received generous support and advice from local microbakers Tom Walsh of the Lighthouse Bakery, Crosshaven and Chris Fahey from Wild Flour, Inishannon, for which I am very grateful. A few weeks later, I passed the HSE inspection and became a proud member of RealBreadIreland. My amazing customers and friends raised money to fund my Rofco oven which is due to arrive at the start of 2022. I have set up a regular customer base. Usually, people collect from my microbakery, but also deliver to their homes or collection points.

I am passionate about baking and always keen to keep things healthy. Ryes & Shine specialised in sourdough breads and other sourdough goods, often with a twist, always using either organic or local flours. I offer rye breads and loaves which include nuts, seeds, and sometimes other ingredients like beetroot, dark chocolate, and fruit. These items are available regularly:

1. Mayfield Bloomer (80% White, 20% Wholemeal). Due to its high hydration this loaf tends to stay fresh for up to 3 days. It also makes delicious toast. Usually I make this as a pan loaf, covered in seeds.

2. Rye Breads, such as Hamelman‘s 80% Rye (a dense, dark, moist loaf, best sliced thinly 2 days after it‘s baked to allow time for the crumb to set. Delicious with smoked fish, cheese, nut butter or jam. It also makes a delicious toast); and the Sunflower Rye Loaf (packed with toasted sunflower seeds this loaf stays fresh long and makes a wonderful toast or bread for sandwiches. It goes with everything).

3. Speciality Breads such as the Weekend Deluxe (a mostly white loaf with added wholewheat, it includes walnuts, cranberries and 85% chocolate splinters) – the perfect and healthy alternative to chocolate croissants! This bread can also be toasted and is a superb weekend breakfast treat. It is great with cheeses such as goats cheese or feta.

4. Sourdough Cinnamon Buns (these only need one word: HOLYYUM. One is never enough) and Sourdough Blueberry Muffins (moist, fruity, yummy – and still on the healthy side).

To order, contact Angela Nöthlings on 086-3565036 to arrange collection from Mayfield or delivery within Cork City. 

Her Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ryes.and.shine.cork/