Ryes & Shine, Cork

This micro bakery was started by Angela Nöthlings in July 2021 and this is her story:

I have been making sourdough breads since 1997 when I moved to Ireland from Germany and I missed proper bread. Recently, my passion got reignited through the Sourdough Podcast. I listened to a Cottage Baker in the US and their journey and knew that this was what I would like to do: this is what I was going to do.

So, in July 2021 I asked colleagues would they like to buy loaves and it started from there. The feedback so far has been amazing.

In these last weeks I have learned so much about how techniques have evolved in the past 20 years, e.g. higher hydration and staying with wild yeast only; pricing; sourcing of ingredients; networking; social media presence etc.

I could live, breathe, eat and dream sourdough each day (and have been….).

This is what I make regularly:

The Mayfield Bloomer (80% White, 20% Wholemeal Organic Flour, Filtered Water, Organic Sea Salt). Due to its high hydration, this loaf stays fresh for up tp 3 days and can be enjoyed as sandwich bread. It‘s also delicious toasted (if it lasts that long).

The Dark German (Hamelman‘s 80% Rye with a rye Flour soaker) – leaving out dried yeast and adding a bit of rye starter (by the name of Oscar) – this bread stays fresh for days and tastes delicious toasted. It‘s goes especially well with smoked fish and cheese. Best enjoyed in thin slices, a good bread knife is essential.

Hamelman‘s Flaxseed Bread – again leaving out dried years and adding a bit of rye starter instead – a very healthful loaf.

The Weekend Deluxe Loaf (Cranberry/Walnut/85% Chocolate Splinters, organic mostly white flour) – better and so much healthier than any chocolate croissant. It tastes beautiful toasted!

Organic slow-rise on-the-healthy-side Cinnamon Buns (Holyyum: there are no other words. One is NEVER enough).

Sourdough Crackers

To order – contact Angela on 086 3565036 to arrange collection or delivery within Cork City. 

Sourdough September 2021

Ask Angela for a helping of her starter 🙂

Her Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ryes.and.shine.cork/