Sourdough September 20

There are many ways to bake real bread yet the one closest to many of our hearts is sourdough.

During September many of our baker members (all of the ones listed below the starter images) will be giving away sourdough starters so you can bring it home and bake your own. They will also have a really easy to follow recipe for you too.

> Click this link: Realbread Rising Recipe 27 Aug Version to download the recipe. <

> Click this link: Realbread Rising Starter and Maintaining to learn how to make your own starter <

For those of you who prefer to watch a video while figuring new recipes out check out RiotRye’s page here. The starter and sourdough recipe are a little different but a lot of the underlying techniques are exactly the same so it should help you.

Sourdough (to borrow a definition from our fellow real bread bakers in the UK) is a name for a mixture (dough or batter) of water and cereal flour containing a culture of naturally occurring yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. It is often also used to name breads and pancakes made using such a culture.

Starter is the first baffling piece of the sourdough puzzle – it is the mixture referred to above and is heaving with live goodness :-).

These two fine examples from Firehouse Bakery and Riot Rye.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 20.01.13

Bácús Bhréanainn

They specialising in Irish and European artisan breads that are finished by hand and baked in our stone-floored deck ovens.

Baking 4U

This is a micro bakery run by Cinta Ramblado who is Spanish and because of that she offers Spanish speciality breads as well as sourdoughs 🙂

Ballymaloe Cookery School, Cork

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Bread & Roses

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Bread Naturally, Raheny, Dublin

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Bretzel Bakery

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Diva Boutique Bakery, Cork

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Fanny Leenhardt-Cohalan Bread Baking Courses, Cork

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Farmhouse Cafe & Bakery, Dublin

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Friendly Fermenistas, Galway

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Jeremiche Galway

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Joe the Baker, Fermanagh

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Joyce Country Bakery, Galway

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Natural Foods Bakery

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Naturally Wild Sourdough, Clare

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Organico Bantry

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Our Daily Bread, Limerick

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Riot Rye Bakery

Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread School is committed to creating and actively fostering a culture of bread without the use of industrial additives or chemicals.

Scarpello & Co

In keeping with the Scarpello & Co. ethos we have followed classic, centuries old wood-fired methods to bring Real Bread back to life.

Spelt Bakers, Kilkenny

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Tartine Bakery

Thibault, a bread purist, is dedicated to producing high-quality organic breads. We use stoneground organic flour, water, sea salt and in some loaves a little yeast, to balance the activity of the ferments.

The Cottage Bakery

Alexander Kronsteiner is a baker in Rathcoole Co. Dublin In his words: I use organic wheat, wholemeal and white, Rye … More