Naturally Wild Sourdough, Clare

Fiona Archibold is passionate about her baking so going to defer to her:

“Best possible organic ingredients are used in my bread. Each loaf is lovingly crafted by hand using organic flour, water, and sea salt.

Loaves are baked in my trusty Rofco B40. Natural fermentation, wild yeasts and good bacteria gently fermented over a 36 hour period result in delicious nourishing gut friendly loaves.

Trained at Ballymaloe with Darina, then living and working abroad for 26 years before returning with my young family to Ireland, baking sourdough for my community has hugely facilitated the re-integration process.

A microbakery was born in my home following an invitation from Moy Hill Farm, Lahinch to supply their farm outlet with organic naturally leavened bread. Empowering others to bake sourdough in their homes for family and friends fills me with joy.

I’ve taught a number of courses with a resulting active worldwide network of avid and committed sourdough bakers.

I currently bake three types of organic sourdough, Country loaves daily, Sprouted Rye to order (popularity growing) and Raisin Granary on a Saturday for a treat without added sugar – popular with families with young children. Makes sensational French toast.

Country loaf: 80% wheat flour, 20% stoneground wholemeal, water, sea salt

Sprouted rye: Wholemeal rye, wheat flour, sprouted rye berries, hemp seed, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, water, sea salt

Granary raisin: Granary flour, wheat flour, raisins, water, sea salt

Real and great bread forges unique, humble and beautiful connections between the farmer, miller and baker with the communities who choose to support their bread.

Increased availability of nutritious bread will become more viable if we get to know and support new bakers, micro bakeries and community supported bakers. Am a huge advocate for the community supported bakery and micro bakery movements. 

Her breads are available as follows:

Moyhill Farm Outlet, Lahinch, Co Clare Mon-Sat

Reko Ring, Lahinch (Wednesday 5pm – 5.30pm)

Carmels Health Food Store, Francis St, Ennis (Friday)

You can email her here Fiona.archibold AT

Sourdough September 2020

From Fiona – Aran✨is my vibrant nomadic Gypsy starter, family member and #bestfriend. Born in dubai by my own hand in 2016, innoculated with the gift of starters from @sourdoughschool Northampton @tartinebakery San Francisco @carlsfriendsthe oregan trail starter from 1847 a gifted Swedish 100 year old bakery starter and a beautiful afghan gift from an Iranian afghan street #bakery in #satwa #dubai.  #Aran is the Irish word for #bread, also a #jumper, a trio of Irish islands #aranislands a fashionable boys name and now a rockstar #sourdoughstarter  @naturallywildsourdough 

This starter is now fed exclusively with 100% Irish flour from either Ballymore Organics and Oak Forest Mills.

Whatsapp Fiona 083 067 3520. Aran’s #DNA will be posted.

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