Brendan McCarthy, Skibbereen

Brendan is a micro-baker in Skibbereen and he bakes sourdoughs and other types of bread.

From Brendan:

“Having done a FireHouse baking course on nearby Heir Island in 2018, Brendan has been selling loaves of Real Bread at his mother’s Market Stall and at the Riverside restaurant in Skibbereeen run by his wife and his sister. Currently baking Organic white sourdough and Organic Irish sprouted sourdough using Durrow Mills sprouted flour. “

“Available at The Riverside, Skibbereeen from Wednesday- Friday (during the summer) and at Skibbereeen Farmers Market on Saturdays and Schull Farmers Market on Sundays (April-September) at Eithne McCarthy’s Home Baking Stall.

Also available other times by ordering/contacting Brendan or The Riverside, “

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