Sullivans Country Grocer, Oughterard, Co. Galway

An old style grocer with an in-shop kitchen selling freshly baked breads, sweet treats & salads, seriously good coffee – and real foods from small and local producers. Elizabeth Folgen opened the shop in the summer of 2016 with her son Sianail Sullivan. While Elizabeth runs the front-of-house, Sianail bakes in the kitchen, and thanks to hardworking staff & friends, Sullivan’s has become a thriving little spot in the village of Oughterard.

They sell our full loaves in their shop in Oughterard but the rustic white sourdough can be found being served in Ballyinahinch Castle, Connemara and The Lamplight, Clifden.

Our 3 sourdoughs are made with organic flour(french and english) with a wholemeal starter, with proving times of 12-16 hours sourdoughs:

Rustic white sourdough

Brown sourdough, mix of strong white, wholemeal and medium/dark rye

Fruit and hazel sourdough, mixed with strong white and brown malt barley flour, mixed fruit, hazelnuts, local raw honey and rolled in flaked almonds

Our yeast breads are made with unbleached flour:

Milky loaf, is like a cousin of the brioche but lighter. A soft, sweet yeast loaf.

Poppy seed plait, same dough as the milky loaf, shaped into a plait and topped with egg wash and poppy seeds.

Norwegian Light Rye, a mix of strong white, wholemeal and rye, with added sweetness of the milk and local raw honey and rolled in sesame seeds.

Classic baguette, the normal ingredients of a baguette, salt, water, strong flour, we also add a bit of fruity olive oil.

Sourdough September 2021

You can pick up starter at their shop above in Oughterard, Co.Galway 

Website: here

Instagram: here

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