Breaking out of holiday season with 2 new members ;-)

Usual mix of locations this time with Mayo kicking off and Kilkenny up next.

The Breadski Brothers, Mayo

2006 saw these 3 brothers set up a bakery to supply a range of breads and cakes into the Polish market. In March 2015 they expanded with a new range catering for Irish tastes and one of those “The Rye one with the fresh Cranberries” is their first real bread.

Full details of where to buy the Rye one are on their website at

Screenshot 2015-08-22 18.24.28

Kells Wholemeal

Back in the day when there were bakeries in each large town and many in each county there was also a network of millers who took local (and some imported) grains and made the flour needed in the area. Kells Wholemeal were part of that back through 7 generations and today Bill and Robert Mosse are working to keep Kells relevant to modern Ireland while not loosing sight of their founding ethos.

I had the chance to visit their mill in July and saw some of the old machinery still in use 🙂


Most recently they have launched a new range of consumer flours and mixes under the Little Mill brand, joining an increasing number of small scale mills around Ireland who supply consumer size packs into retail for home baking.


Main Website:

The Little Mill Website:

Welcome to both of you.

/ Keith


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