Latest members – Limerick, Dublin and Kilkenny

Margaret Ryan-Parish, Magnolia Bakery. Limerick

Margaret bakes both cakes and breads in Limerick and supplies Dargan Wholefoods in Castletroy in Limerick as well as selling direct.

From Margaret: My bread comprises: flour, salt, water organically driven, sustainable, clean food what I am about I use certified organic flour(s) where possible, and a natural leaven (sourdough).



Mags Morrissey, Hedgehog Bakery. Kilkenny

The second of the micro-bakers in this batch Mags has been baking bread for a long time and recently took the step of starting to sell it commercially on a small scale.

In her words: I inherited the baking gene from my grandparents who ran a family business in Tipperary many years ago. I specialise in traditional brown and white loaves, multi grain and seedy loaves, focaccia, stromboli, sourdoughs, sweet treats – cinammon swirls and chocolate rolls

You can buy her breads from The Little Green Grocer, Kilkenny and The Green Sheep in Thurles. You can also buy direct from Mags.



Gilles Gaillot, Emma Gray, Gaillot et Gray. Dublin

Sometimes real bread loving members of the public introduce us to new members and this is one of those. They kicked off as a Greystones pizza truck and now have a bakery by day/pizzeria by night place on Clanbrassil St in Dublin.

From Gilles and Emma: French rustic boule.. A blend of 9 flours from France including buckwheat and linseeds. Brioche. Both baked everyday.

Address: 59, Clanbrassil st Lwr, Dublin 8.



Welcome to all three (or four 🙂 of you.



Dublin and Kilkenny feature in our latest member update

Cakelicious Bakery, Dublin

Dave Murphy is a man known for his cakes. But bread is important to him too. In his words

We bake different types of bread from yeasted to soda. With our main focus on yeasted breads using only minimal ingredients we feel give the best tasting breads. From bloomer to crusty cobs, brown and white and tear and share too a big hit.

We trade with a extensive range every Sunday at Herbert Park in Dublin. Also currently working on extending that to a few small local shops too.



Hardy Foods, Kilkenny

Sile Hoey & Rosemarie Hardy are two friends who started up this oat based bread business in Kilkenny.

From them:

We bake an amazing wheat/salt/sugar/fat FREE bread, our oat bread is high fiber, low calorie, slow release energy. We have an oat bread & an oat & seed bread that we increase omegas by adding pumpkin, seasame, sunflower, chia seeds & goji berries. Wholesome, satisfying & ‘ bowl of porridge in a slice’. Delicious eaten fresh & toasts beautifully to make the very best Spanish toast you ever did taste!

We are selling at local country markets & Cillian Hill Sat market., food festivals around the SE & we were in Herbert Park Dublin on Sat 14th May’16.

Sadly we have no photos of their work – if they send them in we will include them here. Neither do we have a website or Facebook page right now…

Great to have you both on board 🙂


New members – Kilkenny, Waterford (twice)

Eoin Jenkinson, Rive Gauche, Kilkenny

Eoin is a chef and baker in this small restaurant in Kilkenny.

Some interesting details and background from Eoin:

I live to bake not bake to live :). I bake a few different varieties of bread including sourdough curry yeast , brown butter batch rolls and brioche, all of which go through a 48h proving. My signature bread recipe is our traditional brown soda bread without the soda which I call Irish Sour and have replaced the soda with ‘’an laibhín’’ in order to make it real bread. I also love incorporating my bread into desserts, brown bread parfait, sourdough biscuits and oat and seed crackers are among a bakers dozens of examples.

I can proudly say that baking runs in my blood as my grandfather and father were bakers. Their bakery was called ‘The Old Mill’ and it was located in Skerries, Co. Dublin where I am originally from. It was a very unique place back then as it had a two working mills attached to it and this is where the bread making journey was starting to be distributed to our local shops. I was going there myself as a child and I can still remember the smell of the freshly baked goods which as you know is an unforgettable experience. I was 5 at the time and I believe this is when my love for baking began.

Unfortunately in 1987 my family bakery burned down and my father decided to sell it to the local council. It was a significant and traumatic event in my life as to me it meant the end of my family tradition, however as I later discovered not the end of my passion for food and baking. After finishing school I decided to go travelling to discover and learn more about different foods and educate my palate. This was an amazing journey helping me to develop my passion for food and directed me to find the path to become the baker I am now.

I am currently a baker and pastry chef at Rive Gauche, Kilkenny and product developer at Kells Wholemeal, Bennettsbridge, Kilkenny. I am also researching and developing different varieties of breads, improving my baking techniques and educating my customers on the advantages of eating real breads. My ambition is to become one of the experts in real bread making, share my passion and knowledge and together with like minded Irish bakers bring this nearly forgotten method of authentic bread making back to life again.

Rive Gauche website

Eoin’s Twitter account

Source Restaurant, Tramore, Co Waterford

While Source do some real bread baking in house most of the time you will be having real bread from the oven of member Sarah Richards.

Source website

Source Twitter

Ardkeen Quality Food Store, Waterford

Great to have this store and their baker Ceara Dennison on board. They are specialists in Ireland’s artisan & locally produced foods and in existence for nearly 50 years.

From them:

Every morning Ceara will bake off our Classic Mixed Grain Sourdough using natural levain, our Honey and Walnut loaf sweetened with organic Irish honey, 2 types of focaccia using fresh herbs and of course our ever changing Bakers Choice which ranges from a Chocolate Rye Bread to our delicious Hokkaido Milk Loaf (It’s better than Brioche!)

Classic Sourdough:

Organic Wheat flour, Rye flour, Wholewheat flour, Sourdough culture, salt and water

Walnut and Honey loaf:

Wholewheat flour, Wheat flour, Walnuts, Irish Honey, Water, Salt

Hokkaido Milk Loaf

Wheat flour, Milk, Eggs, Sugar, Butter, Water, Salt

More on Ceara:

Ceara studied locally, in the Waterford Institute of Technology in Culinary Arts Department, she gained a Scholarship to Johnson and Wales University U.S.A for a Degree in Baking and Pastry. That experience gave her a love of everything Bread! As she worked as a Pastry Chef through the years, she played around with Breads in work and her own time, following the likes of Richard Bertinet and Justin Gellatly. She is also a member of Breadshare, who’s initiative to use Organic, Local ingredients and focusing on sharing the produce and the consumption of a more sustainable bread is of great interest to Ceara.

Ardkeen also stock real breads from members Arbutus and the Spelt Baker.

Ardkeen website

Ardkeen Twitter

Thats it, welcome to Eoin and Source and Ardkeen 🙂

Couple more on way soon.


Breaking out of holiday season with 1 new member ;-)



Kells Wholemeal

Back in the day when there were bakeries in each large town and many in each county there was also a network of millers who took local (and some imported) grains and made the flour needed in the area. Kells Wholemeal were part of that back through 7 generations and today Bill and Robert Mosse are working to keep Kells relevant to modern Ireland while not loosing sight of their founding ethos.

I had the chance to visit their mill in July and saw some of the old machinery still in use 🙂


Most recently they have launched a new range of consumer flours and mixes under the Little Mill brand, joining an increasing number of small scale mills around Ireland who supply consumer size packs into retail for home baking.


Main Website:

The Little Mill Website:

Welcome to both of you.

/ Keith