New members – 3 in Ireland (incl 2 N.I.) and a Danish location too :-)

One of the fun things with a loose approach to the network is that it is a very broad church that accommodates professional bakers and others with a professional interest in Real Bread.

Geographically we cover the Island of Ireland and with this latest batch we now have 6 members in NI with one close by in Donegal too. But never have we stepped off the Island until a Monaghan man living in Denmark asked us too.

Fintan Keenan

I first came across Fintan in a Twitter conversation on traditional and organic grains being used in bread baking.

In his own words: My name is Fintan Keenan, I’m not a professional but a excellent home baker and organic farmer growing and milling organic cereals in Denmark. I’m from Monaghan but have been living over here for 8 years where we trial heritage varieties and modern varieties of organic grains (wheat, spelt, rye and barley) for milling for flour in bread production. I work together with Per Grupe who is the leading researcher and developer of quality grains for bread production in Scandinavia. 

He is bringing a nice chunk of knowledge to the group of bakers and millers within Real Bread Ireland who are starting to explore and experiment with more traditional varieties of grains.

Fintan on Twitter

Rosanne Cecil, Blackthorn Breads, Glenarm, Co. Antrim

Like this one – a mostly craft shop that also bakes real bread once a week.

From Rosanne “The breads that I bake as ‘Blackthorn Breads’ are made from organic flour, sea salt, fresh yeast and/or natural leaven and additional ingredients such as fresh herbs when in season, sesame, sunflower and poppy seeds.

I bake just once a week (Saturdays) for my craft shop ‘Blackthorn and Willow’ (in the seaside village of Glenarm in Co. Antrim). Every week I bake white loaves with olive oil and sesame seeds; mixed grain cobs; pain de campagne (hybrid loaves using both natural leaven and fresh yeast) and focaccia with fresh herbs and olives.

In addition, each week I bake a batch of speciality loaves such as rye with caraway seeds; sweet and spicy pumpkin, and pain deep.”

Website: Blackthorn and Willow

Facebook: Blackthorn and Willow

Joe Kelly, Belle Iske Cookery School, Fermanagh

This cookery school included real bread courses in its offerings.

From Joe “I teach bread making at the school and use sourdough starters in my home bread making and at the school. I have a rye starter and a white starter that I use.”

Their website: Belle Iske Cookery School

Gerard O’Hora , The Bread Island, Roscommon

Gerard bakes 19 different kinds of breads of which 10 are sourdoughs and in Jan 2016 he is kicking off basic bread baking courses.

From their website “Our aim is to provide additive/chemical free freshly made bread to our local community using only natural products.

The method of making sourdough bread is thousands of years old, mixing only Flour & Water together and leaving it to develop into its own natural Yeast (sourdough) will produce the best bread you have ever tasted. our fermentation time of at least 16 hours allows the full flavor of the bread to develop which you will not find in mass produced bread.”

Website: The Bread Island

Facebook: The Bread Island