Final update of 2015 – our 1st Year

A duo of people/businesses to add today before we launch into our programme of events and gatherings for 2016.

Regina Sexton, Food Historian, UCC

Regina grew up in a family of bakers and is one of a number of people who have worked to gather information on the history of bread baking in Ireland. Herself and her colleagues from UCC and UCD are holding a one day members only workshop  in March that will:

  • Introduce participants to the long history of cereals and bread in Ireland, based upon evidence from early and more recent historical texts and archaeological science
  • Use hands-on learning and using ancient techniques to enable participants to process cereals from sheaf to flour and produce bread products

Her profile is here and she is on Twitter here.

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Hendrik Lepel, Tracton Community Oven Project

Hendrik builds ovens, including a lot for bread and pizza (He built the oven used by Firehouse Bakery on Heir Island in Cork for example), and this is his intro:

“The aim of the Tracton Community Oven is to provide an educational and recreational space, by empowering people to learn how to bake real wholesome and nutrious bread. We offer breadmaking classes to community members and schools and have the goal to establish a RealBread Club to produce a not for profit bread to bring to the home tables of Tracton.”

His Website (Bacchus) and Facebook page.