Final 2 members of 2016 – both NI

Cheating with this one as writing on 1st Jan – had a very lazy break :-). Also apologies to Jonny of Bread Line who messaged us in October and I missed it completely ;-(

Bread Line. Kilrea, Northern Ireland

Jonny McCloskey is one of the new bakers of 2016 who only started off in February. He’s a little shy on details so I don’t know where you can get his breads but contact details underneath so ask him!

His real breads include Sourdough, Pizza, Bloomers, Tin loaves & Brioche

Facebook Page here

Jilly Dougan, Yellow Door Deli, Northern Ireland

Great to have a second new member from NI, adds nicely to the emerging network in the North, across to Donegal and into the border counties.

“With the exception of our soda bread and scones which contain bicarbonate of soda, all of the bread we produce (over 45 varieties) are “Real”. This has been the case since for nearly 20 years. We make wheaten, crusty farmhouse, granary, sourdough, focaccia, ciabatta, brioche, and buttermilk rolls.”

“We use and/or sell our bread in all of our outlets which are: Yellow Door, Portadown Yellow Door, Lisburn, Yellow Door, Lisburn Rd, Belfast Yellow Door at Ulster Museum Native by Yellow Door at the MAC.

We also sell real bread to a host of restaurant, deli, café, hotel customers from Belfast to Dublin.”

Website here

Facebook here

Welcome both 🙂