Bakari Bakery, Belfast

Great to see another small scale bakery using organic flour 🙂 This one is based in Belfast and Jack Mowbray is the baker – these are his words:

Our signature bread, the regular everyday bread is our Normal Bread. Uniquely it’s baked without bannetons. We instead prove 10kg of dough the full way before cutting into 10 loaves and putting directly to the oven.

Our normal bread comes in three varieties, light, medium and dark. All of them are 3/4 organic Italian flour from a farmers cooperative. The remaining 1/4 is organic Irish grown flour.

This is 100% naturally leavened. We also have a rye bread, again naturally leavened. We use dunany rye flour alongside organic sunflower, pumpkin, and barley. Our bubbly bread is naturally leavened using 100% Italian flour, honest toil olive oil and most commonly duqqa on top.

Finally our baguettes which are a hybrid dough using sour and fresh yeast. They are also around 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Irish grown flour. For all of our pastries and buns we use our Italian organic flour, they are leavened using fresh yeast. All of our sugars are organic and fairtrade. Our dairy is local but not organic. 

Our Bakery Shop 25 Donegall Street, Belfast, BT1 2FF.

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Their instagram is here