Eden Deli Cafe, Offaly

This cafe looks really good and their description of their breads too 🙂

From the owner Niall Walsh:

We make three types of bread daily, a stoneground wholemeal soda bread, a white for rolls and panini and a malthouse for sandwiches, loaves and baps. The white and malthouse are made with Doves Farm organic flours and elaborated using the Pâte Fermentée method to create a yeast spiked poolish to start the bulk ferment. All fermentation and proving is carried out refrigerated over 3 day cycle, Pâte Fermentée 24 hours, poolish 24 hours, bulk ferment 6 hours and proving 18 hours. The ingredients are flour, water, salt, yeasts and bacteria.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/edendeli/

Ireland Guide: http://www.ireland-guide.com/establishment/eden-deli.8052.html

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