Neantog Bakery Classes, Sligo

Gaby and Hans Wieland arrived in Ireland in 1985 with 20 rye sourdough bread and our own sourdough starter. Since then we still bake our own bread with freshly milled flour, water, sourdough starter and salt.

We bake a 100% organic wholemeal rye sourdough bread. From 1987 to 2001 we sold our rye sourdough in healthfood stores in Sligo Town.

Since 2000 we give sourdough baking courses and workshops promoting real bread with four ingredients and a long fermentation process. We also promote sourdough bakers in Sligo on our Sligo Food Tours.

You can see their upcoming sourdough courses (and others such as fermentation, foraging and herb growing) on their website here.

They are on Facebook here.

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