Scarpello & Co

In keeping with the Scarpello & Co. ethos we have followed classic, centuries old wood-fired methods to bring Real Bread back to life. Our craft breads range from rustic country whites and overnight sourdoughs to traditional Irish wheaten and sodas, French- style baguettes to spelt and gluten free. All are healthy, local and fresh.

Our aim is to reintroduce an understanding of the importance of pure, freshly baked breads, and in doing so try to satisfy our customer’s ever increasing requests (and rightly so!) for authentic, carefully made products, far removed from the mechanisation and mass production of today’s baking industry where additives, improvers and preservatives are standard.

Our breads have few ingredients, the best available and as local as possible. All our loaves are hand formed, risen for long periods to develop flavour, and baked to wood-fired perfection in our brick oven. Many of our breads are made using only natural yeast which is harnessed over time using just Stoneground Organic flour and natural mineral water. This enhances further the complex flavour of our breads. We use only hardwood, mainly from our own managed sustainable stocks. We produce only small quantities, approx 100 loaves a day which we supply to local shops, restaurants and farmers markets. Home delivery is also available by advance notice.


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