The Grumpy Bakers, Midleton, Co Cork

Sharon Gleeson left her job as a teacher during the 2020 Covid lockdown to start the Grumpy Bakers 🙂

In her words: “We use all organic flour in our breads and use Irish flours as much as possible. Each bread only contains flour water and salt – except for the seeded sourdough which has toasted seeds folded through!

We ferment all of our breads for 24 – 48 hours. Our country sourdough is made using wheat 80% and rye 20% flours. Our 100% Irish spelt is made up of a mixture of white and whole spelt. Our rustic multigrain has a mix of wheat, spelt and rye flours. We use Irish Atlantic sea salt from west cork in our breads. “

Right now you can get their breads direct from their bakery in Midleton – 1 Broderick St, Midleton, Co. Cork, P25 YR58.

Their Facebook page is here

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