Hi to our second bakers from Northern Ireland – Dara & Ciara O’hArtghaile, Ursa Minor Bakehouse, Ballycastle

Although we have many bakers in the network whose partners are closely involved and supportive this is only the second where both are named partners in the business – Dara & Ciara O’hArtghaile, Ursa Minor Bakehouse. (The first was Esther and Joe Barron).

As they say themselves “Real Bread Takes Time. This is something that cannot be substituted. We follow the ethos and methods of past bakers, opting to use 3 main ingredients to make our bread – flour, water & salt. We have found that allowing the organic grains to ferment with water over a long period of time produces incredible results.”

Their real breads (all made using Shipton Mill Organic flour.) include

White loaf – Organic white flour, water, salt, fresh yeast.
Wholemeal – Organic white flour, Organic stoneground wholemeal flour, water, salt, fresh yeast.
Sourdough – Organic white & organic rye starter, Organic white flour, water & salt.
Walnut & Rye – Organic white, organic rye, water, salt, fresh yeast & walnuts.
Baguette – Organic white & organic stoneground wholemeal, water & fresh yeast polish ferment. Organic white, water & salt.