Farmhouse Cafe & Bakery, Dublin

Daily Bread 2020 update:

Location available: Dublin 12

How to order or purchase: Mon to Friday 9-2 at the door.

For updates: Facebook, Instagram

For your safety: We have closed cafe and have a table at the door, to sell take out, internally we have been gloved, vigorously sanitising all Doors , surfaces hands etc for over a week now and wearing masks . 

From Susan: We are opening only under very restricted conditions for our customers still working , and needing real bread , but only as long as allowed , we may be shut down anytime 😦

More on Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery:

Susan O’Sullivan is the member here and she writes:

I have a small farm in Kildare where we grow fruit and vegetables and breed mostly purebred pigs sheep and cattle much of which we use in our cafe. We cook our food from scratch.
When we extended we the cafe we turned the little open front kitchen into a bakery where we now bake our own breads including sourdough and low gi fennel and courgette bread etc. Essentially our breads are baked the traditional way from scratch.

We open 8-3.30 mon – Friday on the Longmile Road Dublin serving our breads in the cafe and selling over the counter


Sourdough September 2020

We offer free starter to anyone who would like to talk to our chatty baker and have a variety of sourdoughs baked here each day except Mondays right through September and every other month

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