The Baking Emporium, West Cork

In their words: “The Baking Emporium Ltd is a family run west Cork based artisan bakery. Established by Andreas & Ingrid Haubold in 1993 & specialising in wood-fired continental breads, using natural sourdough, yeast and soda rising agents. We pride ourselves on offering one of the widest product ranges in the county of Cork.

So whatever you’re looking for, from rustic loaves, speciality sourdoughs and brioche buns to breakfast goodies, cakes and pastries, we cover the full spectrum of baked goods goodness. Dedicated to traditional baking techniques and committed to excellence across every aspect of our business, we take pride in meeting the needs of every customer.

Currently can be bought via

Usually also various Farmer’s Markets throughout Co. Cork. Also via our shop Ashe Street 26, Clonakilty.

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