New member backlog – welcome to 9 new baker members :-)

In the interests of pulling my finger out and getting these up on the site and into our member listings I am going to do a truncated version of my usual posts so no photos in this one.

Monika Rumpf, Monika’s Biscuits. Dublin

“All my breads are real breads! I was always interested in baking breads, but mostly sticked to white yeast breads. To perfect my bread I attended a sourdough bread course of Richard Bertinet in Bath, UK, and that was life-changing. My starter is 3 years old now. I try to use organic ingredients whenever I can, Irish sea salt, water, and nothing else. Recently started baking bread enriched with kelp and dillisk. Irish, of course! At the moment I am trying to source a more protein-rich flour as I find the Irish one not strong enough.”

Niamh Tait,  The Baker’s Table. Wicklow

“All of these breads are sourdough – Baguette Honey and walnut, Straight up white, Our brown, Roast potato Rye. We also have Buttermilk batch and wholemeal batch. All of our flours are organic.”

Tim and Darina Allen, Ballymaloe Cookery School. Cork

“We teach how to make a range of breads with different flours and grains. We also mill some of our own homegrown wheat and heirloom grains to make bread. Brown and white yeast bread, focaccia, ciabatta, a range of flatbreads……..and a completely natural sourdough bread.”

Niall Hill, The Butlers Pantry. Dublin

Our Sourdough is an award winning bread and the most healthy of all our breads, our sourdough starter took two months to develop and is eight years old. The dough is proved for a minimum of 8.5 hrs and is cook right on the stone. Our rustic french baguettes are the real thing ! with a great contrast between crust and chewy dough.”

Casandra Cosgrove & Marian Williams, Friendly Fermenistas. Galway

“Friendly Fermenistas are local sourdough bread producers with an ambition to introduce fresh sourdough bread prepared in a traditional manner using only organic flour, pinch of mineral salt & water. We are enthusiastic and confident that our sourdough bread is both nourishing and tasty. The slow process involved in preparing each loaf ensures that the gluten is broken down and therefore not contribute to any of the discomforts associated with other commercial breads on the market. Casandra & Marian are two qualified Nutritional Therapists passionate about achieving good health through nourishing foods. We are in the early stages of researching that there is a viable market for our bread and as part of this research we will provide a market stall one day a week locally.”

Veronika Rousalova. Sligo Sourdough Bakery. Sligo

“100% organic sourdough microbakery based in Gorteen, Sligo. All our ingredients are certified organic, we use heritage English flour from Shipton mill. No commercial yeast, soda or powder is used. You can find our bread at Rathcormack market, Sligo every Saturday. If you own a shop or a restaurant and are interested in selling or using our bread, please contact us through our FB page above”

PoppySeed Gourmet Cafes c/o The Bridge Centre. Galway

“PoppySeed gourmet cafes set up its offsite bakery in 2015 to centralise production of all breads and pastries for its cafes. Paolo is our Italian head baker who applies traditional methods and generational recipes for all his products. PoppySeed is committed to quality, fresh foods and premium ingredients. Breads are made using only natural ingredients.”

Damian and Florence Cusack, La Boulangerie Francaise. Dublin

“All our breads are freshly made and baked on our premise using a double fermentation process, no additive, no artificial ingredients, just flour, fresh yeast, water, salt…all natural! We also make sourdough bread from a natural starter. we use a high quality French flour and have a variety of 10/12 breads to satisfy every occasions!!”

Heritage Bakery, Wicklow

“We are small home bakery in Carnew and we bake to order. We bake selection of Yeast Breads (Flour, water, yeast, salt and seeds in some of them) Rye Sourdough Breads (Organic flour, sourdough starter, water, salt), other Sourdough Breads (flour, water, sourdough starter, salt).”

Email – heritage_bakery AT

Thats it, lovely to see so many in this update.








Latest members are in Waterford, Sligo and Kerry

Jeni Pim, Jens Kitchen

Jeni and her husband bake bread at home and supply direct to consumers. From Jeni:

From Sourdough to Brown Yeast Bread: you name it, we bake it.  Nigel trained with Richard Bertinet in Bath, a renowned real bread advocat, and I myself, Jen, trained with the Ballymaloe Cookery school, completing my 12 week course in January 2015. We specialise in individual orders, supplying families who want to feed their families REAL bread.

Her website is here

Dervla James, Pudding Row Cafe & Bakery, Sligo

Dervla is our 4th member in Sligo :-).

We make and bake everything very early, every morning in our lovely little seaside village of Easkey, in West Sligo. We bake crunchy white yeasted loaves, seeded bagels, herby focaccia, brioche, sweet breads and more.

We add or replace breads given the season too. We use fresh yeast and plan to make sourdough breads and pizzas soon. We’re just opened 3 short months, our production is high as we use in house and sell from our big bread shelf too.

I have a BSc in baking and pastry art from the national baking school (formerly Kevin Street, DIT Dublin). 

We sell to our customers from a beautiful wooden bread shelf custom made by two wonderful local craftsmen. We use all organic herbs in our breads, you can smell and taste the difference.

We will begin baking classes in the next few weeks and hope to share our breadmaking skills to the Sligo (and wider) community. Bread and pastry are at the forefront of everything we do here. 

Dervla Website

Dervla Facebook

Orla Gowen, Bácús Bhréanainn, Cloghane

Orla runs Bácús which a scratch bakery on the Dingle Peninsula specialising in Irish and European artisan breads that are finished by hand and baked in our stone-floored deck ovens. We deliver to many of the finest restaurants and shops on the Dingle Peninsula and are stall holders at the Tralee and Dingle Farmers Markets.

I am predominately a scratch bread maker with a limited selection of confectionary. I am listed in McKenna’s Guide. I have recently attended the School of Artisan Food to do a sourdough baking course and I am gradually introducing sourdough bread to my range.

Orla’s Website

Welcome to the 3 of you 🙂


Five new members here – The Happy Pear, Greystones; Deasy’s Restaurant, Clonakilty; Le Fournil, Sligo; Sunflower Bakery, Clare and The Larder, Waterford

The Happy Pear, Greystones

Known to many of you as a hotbed of vegetarian and healthy food The Happy Pear also throw shapes at Real Bread.

“We make a delicious wholemeal spelt bread, it is a great staple. 

It contains 500g wholegrain spelt flour, 1.2 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of dried yeast, 1 teaspoon of honey, 400ml of warm water, and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.”

Their website:


Deasy’s Restaurant, Clonakilty

Caitlin Ruth is responsible for the bread (and much besides) in this well known restaurant in Cork. In her own words

“At the moment, I am making for service:
-semi sourdough with fresh yeast and a semolina sourdough starter, olive oil, salt, honey, semolina and white flour.
-100% sourdough with kamut, whole millet and buckwheat, raisins, honey, brown and white flour, olive oil and salt.” 

Their Facebook page – Deasy’s Restaurant

Le Fournil, Sligo

Le Fournil in Sligo is run by Clotilde Rambaud, a native of Nantes, south of Brittany, who came to Sligo eight years ago. “We use real ingredients. No additives. It’s not organic but it’s natural”

“All breads are sourdough based, using poolish as a starter. we have multi grain bread, brown country style, traditional white french bread, baguettes, savoury breads, rye and spelt breads” 

Their Facebook Page:

Sunflower Bakery, Clare

They have been around at least 4 years and is run by Pat McManus and Vi Russell. Pat is the baker 🙂

These are their real breads right now

  • Sourdough Rye
  • Sourdough Granary
  • Multi seed
  • Wholemeal Spelt
  • White Farmhouse
  • Walnut and Cinnamon Stick
  • Foccacia

Their Facebook Page:

The Larder, Waterford

The first retail member in RBI. We will keep adding categories when they appear to make sense :-).

Patrick stocks both Spelt Baker and Seagull Bakery breads in his shop on the Quay.

His Facebook Page:

That’s it for this update, great to have the 5 of ye on boards 🙂

/ Keith


From Sligo we say hello to Dimitar Dosev, My Strandhill Bakery

Dimitar made the trip in January to Kilkenny to be at our launch and it was great to see him becoming a member. He is one of a number of bakers who have or will have 2015 as their start year 🙂

He describes himself as a Local & Traditional baker based in Strandhill and he is at the Strandhill Peoples Market every Sunday.


His real breads right now are a White Loaf – wheat flour, water, salt, yeast and Multi Seed bread rolls – Rye flour, Wheat white flour, mixed Seeds, salt, yeast.


He is and on Twitter at @strandhillbaker.